Travel Beauty Hacks That Actually Work. 

My husband and I had an unusually full schedule this summer—there was hardly a weekend without plans to visit family—and we had three weddings out of town! 

Whether you’ve got plenty of weekends away, or you just don’t enjoy carting around your full makeup and skincare regimen, read on for my tried and true travel beauty hacks. 

"I love using a cream contour under just my cheekbones, but also on my eyes for a cool-toned, sculpted, no-makeup look. A creamy lipstick also doubles up as a blush and a cream eyeshadow."

1. Don’t touch your face.
This may sound counterintuitive (how am I supposed to get wedding-ready without touching my face? This cat-eye doesn’t wing itself), but what I’m really referring to here is touching your face with your fingers. 

When you’re traveling, you’re bound to pick up more germs that you’re not used to. When you touch your face with your fingers, you transfer bacteria to your skin. This can not only make you sick, but it can lead to more breakouts. I always break out when I travel anyway (especially flying!), but I’ve found that keeping my fingers off my face helps to minimize the amount of travel-related spots that pop up. 

Touching your face with your fingers also brings heat to your skin—which, if it’s anything like mine, is probably already irritated and sensitized from traveling, leading to redness and irritation. So when you’re applying makeup, stick to a product like MakeupDrop to apply your base products. 

2. Mist, mist baby. 
On a hot, sticky day, you might be tempted to set your makeup with powder to make sure it doesn’t budge. But make sure you book-end your makeup application with a moisturizing mist to soothe and prevent irritation and redness caused by that summer heat and to lock-in your look.

Heat makes your skin more prone to redness, as does traveling. Applying an extra dose of soothing moisture—before and after your makeup—will help to improve the appearance of redness in your skin. I’ve found the best way to do this is by spritzing my face with a hydrating setting mist before and after my makeup. 

3. Multi-tasking makeup. 
I always feel a pang of anxiety when it comes time to fit all my makeup into a teensy clear bag. Using multi-tasking products really goes a long way towards alleviating this anxiety. I love using a cream contour under just my cheekbones, but also on my eyes for a cool-toned, sculpted, no-makeup look. A creamy lipstick also doubles up as a blush and a cream eyeshadow. I use the rest of the room in the baggie for concealer and mascara. Skip foundation and instead mix a bit of your concealer with your moisturizer. I also skip powder brow products for an all-in-one tinted brow gel. If you are a fan of the no-makeup look, you could grab a clear mascara from the drugstore and double that up on both eyes and brows. 

Reuse that soothing mist whilst you’re on the flight to top-up your hydration levels. Spritz it onto some cotton pads (or even toilet paper!) and swipe it over your skin in place of your usual toner. Decanting your skincare into tiny clear tubs also helps make sure you’re flight-friendly without sacrificing on moisture. 

That’s all for now, folks. What are your favorite travel beauty hacks?

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