Who we are

+ Innovative

+ Functional

+ Beauty With Perspective


We believe the beauty industry can do more – and do it better.

For us, clean and sustainable products, ingredients, and packaging should be the standard in the beauty industry, not a just a selling point. When you start there, anything is possible.

From creating the original silicone beauty applicator to eco-friendly makeup wipes to our new line of results-driven skincare (all of which are sustainable, btw), innovation is always our first step when creating products outside the *beauty* box.


If it doesn’t work…why use it? As non-beauty industry people, we believe that things shouldn’t just be made well, they should actually work well.

Inside and out, we care about the materials and ingredients of every product.

That’s why we use long lasting silicone that helps you use less product and get a seamless blend over and over again.

And that’s why we don’t just choose ingredients because they are trendy or sound good on the back of a box. We care about how they make you and yourskin feel. Just so happens that cannabis extract and colloidal silver are super functional and trendy ;)

Beauty With Perspective

Beauty from every angle.

We look at beauty from a new perspective - for us, it’s not just about what you put on your skin, it’s how you apply it. That’s why our transformative products can be applied flawlessly just about anywhere, with hypoallergenic, recyclable applicators that help you save product and look fantastic.

Our unique perspective also means considering beauty for all. We believe that looking and feeling beautiful should be for everyone, that’s why all our products are all-inclusive – for all genders, all styles, and all skin types.

Feels good. Looks good. Does good. Head to toe, for you, them, and the world.