The MakeupDrop Commandments


 Less makeup, less waste!
  • When we say MakeupDrop saves makeup, we mean it! Because the MakeupDrop doesn't soak up any makeup, expect to put a lot less makeup on the applicator than you are used to. This allows for more even and controlled coverage. 
  • Less makeup = less waste and more $$$ for the rainy day fund. 
The Drop and The Dab.
  • For the best MakeupDrop blend results, we highly recommend lightly dabbing foundation and concealer on key areas of the face (instead of smearing or wiping), and then softly blending in a circular motion to finish off the look. Build for extra coverage.
  • Perfect the Dab and you will have flawless blending, contouring and coverage. 
We don't take sides...
  • Front or back.... both sides are the same! Apply your makeup to either side. Just be sure to not remove the thin layer of extra silicone. 
  • Pro Tip: use the thin tip to apply in hard to reach places (like concealer under the eyes, or cream eyeshadow on lids).
So fresh, so clean.
  • Keeping your beauty tools clean is the key to clear skin, and MakeupDrop cleans in a simple two-step process. Just wash under warm water (with or without soap, your choice) and swipe dry with a towel. Voilà! Your MakeupDrop is instantly clean without any need for special cleaning products or a long drying time - free of bacteria and ready to use again.